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About Brassa

Who is it?

Brassa is composed of following persons:

  • Board of directors: Hendrik Boussier (president), Yoshiyuki Nishio (vice president), Luc Mishalle (administrator in daily charge), Veronique Delmelle, Michael Fettweis, Octavia Kint.
  • Board of members: Hanane Abdallah, Mohamed Akasri, Joris De Beer, Jean Gnonlonfoun, N’Faly Kouyaté, Doris Razafimbelo, Elke Roex, Pascal Rousseau, Bert Schreurs, Jan Vandekerckhove, Teun Verbruggen, Sandra Werner, Eric Yovogan.

How to reach us?

You want to sponsor us?

You might need these data:

  • Organization: vzw. BRASSA
  • Company number: 0743548154
  • Bank name: KBC Brussels
  • BIC number: KREDBEBB
  • Account number: BE 95 7350 5582 0858