Jean Gnonlonfoun

Jean Gnonlonfoun is a drummer, percussionist, bassist, improviser and composer.


He does concerts and tours with groups of various styles: Sysmo, Gankpo, Ago Benin Brass, Marockin ‘ Brass, Ander Brass, the Peas Project, Baloji & La Katuba, Azéto Orchestra, Gansan, Gospel for Life, Patel, Gangbé Brass Band, Jomion & les Uklo’s, Tangawissi to name but a few.

Jean played concerts at multiple renowned venues in Belgium like Esperanza, Couleur Café, Théatre National, Botanique, Dour, Jazz Marathon and even the Carnegie Hall (New York) and the university of Harvard in Boston

Since 2012 he gives workshops in polyrhythmic training for professionals as well as workshops of presentation and musical initiation for young people.


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