Clube de Choro de Bruxelas

Choro was born in Brazil, from the unexpected encounter between European ballroom dances and African rhythms. The Clube performs in quartet, offering a light and playful sound. The Clube regularly organizes choro workshops that result in large participatory Rodas.


Originating from Brazil, Choro was born from the unexpected encounter between two very different worlds: the music of European ballroom dance of the XIXth (Polka, waltz, Scottisch…) and African rhythms (Batuque, lundu…). The Choro is based on the association of melodies and counterpoints of instruments (flute, bandolim…) with string accompaniments (guitars, cavaquinho…), the whole reinforced by the rhythms of the percussions (pandeiro…). Recognized as a style in its own right, this surprising mixture based on the permanent improvisation of reinterpreted original themes makes a living music constantly reinvented.


The Clube was born from the desire to make known and to share the Choro to as many people as possible. To do this, the activities of the Clube are organized around learning workshops and public performances.

The weekly workshops are intended for all musicians, beginners or experienced, professionals as well as amateurs. Everyone finds an interest in the practice of Choro.

The Rodas de Choro

The Roda is the meeting between a repertoire, musicians and the unexpected of the collective play. The Roda is the ideal occasion to put into practice the work of the workshops. Everyone can find their place, whatever their level of practice. All musicians are welcomed and integrated into the collective, learning is done in contact with others.

Events: concerts and master classes

With the aim of deepening the knowledge of the universe of the Choro, the tradition of the Clube is to open its doors every month to an exceptional guest. On this occasion, the Clube offers a master class led by a musician who comes to present his history, his vision and keys for the practice. It is completed for the greatest pleasure of everyone by a concert which will be the occasion for the invited musician to present his repertoire and his compositions. He is accompanied by the teachers of the Clube.


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