Véronique Delmelle

Véronique Delmelle is a bariton/alto/sopranino saxophonist, a violonist, a composer, and a professor.


With a training in classical music (conservatory of Brussels and Liège) and an apprenticeship in improvisation, Véronique Delmelle developed a rather varied musical path.

While passing from:

  • contemporary music (Blindman, Ocean) to the
  • direction of “neo-fanfare” (Sans tambour ni trompette, Novanoïs fanfare),
  • the musical creations with children’s groups (Paf! The new band, After paf, Paf! Big band, Tussob’Band, Zappa),
  • being a saxophonist in several fusion bands (Marakbar, Akadaka, Aywa, Marock’in Brass, Saxafabra),
  • and the creation of compositions and arrangements (Ghiwanyat, Without drum and trumpet, Transit, …),

She also organizes her time between her job as a saxophone teacher in academy (Etterbeek, Liège) and her role of creator of projects (Meufs marrinées, Taule de Dames, Paseo).

Ah, yes, she’s also arranging and playing in the SilverRat Band (from the “Collectif du Lion” from Liege).

Thus, Véro is Véry busy and always in for good mood projects.


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