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Next dates

Date Project Event
21/04/2023 AnderBrass Inauguration at Parc des Etangs (Anderlecht), at 15h30
15/06/2023 AnderBrass Ecole des arts at Chee de Mons (Anderlecht), at 20h
17/06/2023 AnderBrass Brocante Bizet (Anderlecht), from 10h to 13h

Past dates

Date Project Event
19/10/2022 AnderBrass Concert Cite de l’Olivier (Schaerbeek), at 16h00
01/10/2022 AnderBrass Concert VGC trefdag at BIP (Brussel), at 16h30
03/09/2022 AnderBrass Concert jaarmarkt at Grimbergen, from 10h30 to 13h
25/08/2022 AnderBrass Radio 1070 at Bizet (Anderlecht), at 16h00
14/07/2022 AnderBrass Radio 1070 at Aumale (Anderlecht), at 15h00
24/06/2022 AnderBrass Privéfeest in het café at Zinnema, at 21h30
18/06/2022 AnderBrass Braderie Bizet - het rad/la roue, at 10h
11/08/2022 AnderBrass Radio 1070 at Peterbos (Anderlecht), at 15h00 (cancelled)
25/08/2022 AnderBrass Radio 1070 at Bizet (Anderlecht), at 15h00 (cancelled)
22/05/2022 AnderBrass Afsluitevenement final tuinwijken/cite-jardins Het Rad/La Roue (Anderlecht), between 15h and 18h
23/04/2022 AnderBrass Tuinfeest / Fete dans le jardin GC Elzenhof, at 13h30, 14h, 14h20, 14h40
22/04/2022 AnderBrass Vernissage en receptie Itinérart at De Rinck, at 19h30
04/12/2021 AnderBrass Opening renovated GC Elzenhof at Elsene, from 15h40 to 18h (cancelled due to corona virus)
11/09/2021 AnderBrass Opening Jorez gebouw - Cosmos vzw - Anderlecht
16/05/2021 AnderBrass Cosmogolem Connekt Concert party at dapperheidsplein - Anderlecht
25/12/2020 Het Licht Video clip in Anderlecht provided by the Rinck to give hope to all of you
05/09/2020 AnderBrass Concert jaarmarkt at Grimbergen, from 11h to 13h (cancelled due to corona virus)
13/06/2020 AnderBrass Album release
16/05/2020 AnderBrass Zinneke Parade (cancelled due to corona virus)
14/05/2020 Brassa Website created
14/02/2020 Brassa Organization officially created
01/12/2019 AnderBrass Studio recording for some demo songs
21/06/2019 AnderBrass Concert at the Fete de la musique
25/05/2019 AnderBrass Concert at the Brussels Jazz Weekend with Ago! Benin Brass