Raksinaksi plays a muscular music related to the Balkan, Turkey and the Maghreb. It is played with chalumeaux and long horns in a main role. Parades, festivals, street music …. and everything around. Raksinaksi guarantees an exciting and dancing rhythm for young and old.

Contagious Afro-pop from Benin.

Drums, bass, guitar and at least 2 horns.

An effective music for those who want to dance, larded with fine jazz escapades.

The ideal group for your parties.

2 saxophonists, 6 saxophones.

Original compositions bordering on different styles of music with improvisations that explore the sound palette of saxophones.

An unusual sound journey.

A brand new quartet with a unique sound: tenor guitar, mini Mexican bass guitar, flute and violin. Original and traditional songs in English and Spanish. Sweet and warm simplicity.