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Raksinaksi plays a muscular music related to the Balkan, Turkey and the Maghreb. It is played with chalumeaux and long horns in a main role. Parades, festivals, street music …. and everything around. Raksinaksi guarantees an exciting and dancing rhythm for young and old.

Contagious Afro-pop from Benin.

Drums, bass, guitar and at least 2 horns.

An effective music for those who want to dance, larded with fine jazz escapades.

The ideal group for your parties.

2 saxophonists, 6 saxophones.

Original compositions bordering on different styles of music with improvisations that explore the sound palette of saxophones.

An unusual sound journey.

A brand new quartet with a unique sound: tenor guitar, mini Mexican bass guitar, flute and violin. Original and traditional songs in English and Spanish. Sweet and warm simplicity.

An explosion of rhythms, melodies and songs that transport you to the world of Beninese Vodoun. A unique sound carpet with atypical colors characterized by the double rhythmic game between the drums and the Beninese percussions. Compositions mixing melodies and polyrhythms linked to the musical universe of Ejaspapa.

Choro was born in Brazil, from the unexpected encounter between European ballroom dances and African rhythms. The Clube performs in quartet, offering a light and playful sound. The Clube regularly organizes choro workshops that result in large participatory Rodas.